Friday, 12 July 2019


­čôîOne of the most memorable moments in the lives of expectant parents comes when they first see the image of their baby on the ultrasound screen. It’s the moment, for many, when a pregnancy really becomes real, when it finally becomes possible to grasp the fact that a new human being is developing inside the mother’s body. It’s also a moment that visually impaired or blind parents are deprived of.

­čôîHowever, technology has made it possible to create 3D printed models of an unborn child from ultrasound images so that blind parents can visualize the faces of their children in the same way they would visualize the face of anyone else, through touch.

­čôîIt's a fact that touch is a very powerful sense for those who are visually impaired or blind and can’t rely on their eyes for information. By feeling the contours of the face, the shape of the nose and lips, a blind or visually impaired person can get a strong impression of what their unborn child looks like. [Culled from:]

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