Friday, 6 July 2018

About Last Night on my Weekly Special Needs Awareness Radio Show


Last night on Kiss 99.9 FM radio the Dewdrops Community Centre for Special Needs, Abuja had its weekly special needs awareness radio program on the favorite Honourable House of Parapo show. Our discussion was focused on The Special Needs Child, sharing experiences from the recent Teacher’s Network Conference 3.0 held in Abuja by the Learning Craft in collaboration with the Comprehensive Autism and Related Disabilities Education Training (C.A.D.E.T.) Academy. Our guests were some participants of the conference and they ensured that we had all the major highlights and shared vital knowledge which they gained from the conference. Our guests included:

Mrs. Adetayo Oni, an educator at the Nigerian Tulip International College Abuja,

Mrs. Isoken Uwoghiren, an educator atthe Nigerian Tulip International College.

Mr. Charles Ugokwe a speech therapist at the Dewdrops Community Centre.

Mr. Bennett Alozie a Special Educator at the Dewdrops Community Centre.

We began with a quick recap of our time at the Teacher’s Network Conference 3.0. “It was a highly educative, outstanding and powerful experience” in the words of Mr. Alozie. Mr. Alozie also talked about his special interest in the topic: ‘Creative Classroom’ taught at the Conference. He stressed the importance of having the ideal environment for kids to thrive as this can positively influence their learning. “Special kids are multisensory kids and learn more from what they see, feel and touch; The space, colours and letters they see affect the way children learn”

Mrs. Adetayo added her experience as well, saying that the training was purely “evidence based”. She also talked about the lectures on inclusive education and how to manage a class with both neuro-typical kids and special kids; “Every child has their own uniqueness”.  She said teachers shouldn’t get worked up when they are not getting the desired results from kids. According to her, “you have to know what the child knows first and teach them what they don’t know”.

Mrs. Isoken, when asked how the knowledge acquired from the Teacher’s Network Conference was going to benefit both neuro-typical and special children. She emphasized the importance of preparing the right environment and well trained educators for Children to bloom through conferences of this nature. She also added that parents should be enlightened about children with special needs, because many parents are living in denial and parents who identify these needs in their kids should open up to the teachers and try to find solutions early.

Mr. Charles encouraged parents to get educational apps that will help children in learning. He also talked about the C.A.D.E.T. Academy. Mrs. Adetayo encouraged educators, Principals and other care givers to equip themselves by enrolling in certificate training programs offered by the C.A.D.E.T. Academy to keep abreast with latest trends in special education. Mrs. Isoken also prayed that the government should equip the government public schools through capacity building and training of educators in the public school sector in order to accommodate children with special needs who may not be able to afford such intervention services in privately owned centres.

We ended the show by answering a couple of questions from listeners who called in on the show.

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